Acute Intestinal Obstruction in Misurata Central Hospital

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Sebha University
Aim: To identify and analyze the clinical presentation, management and outcome of patients with acute bowel obstruction along with the etiology of obstruction and the incidence and causes of bowel ischemia, and resection. Methods: This is a retrospective observational study of all adult patients admitted with intestinal obstruction to the surgical department in Misurata central hospital in the period of one year, between March 2007 and February 2008. Results: Of the 54 consecutive patients included in the study, the clinical presentations were abdominal pain, abdominal distension, vomiting, constipation and obstipation. Adhesions (50%), obstructed hernias (37%), and large bowel cancer (9%) were the most frequent causes of obstruction. Bowel resection was performed in 15 cases, 5 of them to resect large bowel cancer and 10 of them because of bowel gangrene due to strangulated hernias, adhesions, volvulus and mesenteric embolism. Conclusion: Close and careful clinical evaluation along with proper investigations is essential for decision of management of patients with acute bowel obstruction to avoid serious complications.
bowel obstruction; constipation; adhesion; bowel resection; obstructed hernia