Prospective Study Of Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Without Sedation

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Sebha University
Endoscopy clinic of 2nd march hospital is the only endoscopic facility in the south of Libya, patients are referred for diagnosis and management of upper and lower gastrointestinal problems. As most the patients are travelling long distances and most of times are self-driving so sedation or anesthesia are not suitable for them. That fact and reviewing of some papers concerning endoscopy without sedation enhance us to adapt this procedure, and here we are assessing our results. 1406 patients attended the clinic in 3 years period, between may, 13th, 1999 till march, 12th, 2002, using end view Olympus gastroscope (GIF-Q) Tolerance of procedure, fear, anxiety, failure, and overall success, were assessed. Most of the patients complete the procedure, only twenty-three failures (1.6 %), while 1297 patients (92.2 %) complete the procedure comfortably, introductions of the endoscope were easy, there were no complications.
Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, sedation, end view gastroscope.