Acute Gastroenteritis in Misurata Teaching Hospital

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Sebha University
Objectives: To determine the incidence of hospital admission for acute gastroenteritis (AGE) in children below 5 year and to identify factors, that probably, reduce the hospital admission in these cases. Patients and Methods: Descriptive study (Longitudinal hospital based study) during the period of one year in Paediatric Department, Misurata teaching hospital. All hospital admissions, of children under the age of five and older than two month, with clinical symptoms of acute gastroenteritis were included in the study. Before entry to study, clinical assessment of degree of dehydration was performed. Dehydration severity was categorized and treated according to the level of dehydration either mild, moderate, or severe dehydration. The main outcome measures are percent body weight gain at rehydration and at resolution of illness. Results: Based on the results of this study, AGE was estimated at a rate of 11.6% from the total hospital admission (1092) in children below 5 years. 49 patients (38%), 58 patient (46%), and 20 patient (16%) were diagnosed clinically as mild, moderate, and severe dehydration respectively (84% mild-moderate dehydration). In our unit 96 patient (76%) were managed by intravenous fluid. 28 patient (85% from oral rehydration solution [ORS] treatment group) responded to ORS treatment and were discharged without intravenous fluid. Conclusion: It is very clear from our results that ORS can be very effective if appropriately used to patients with mild and moderate dehydration. ORS administered in the observation room or at home with close follow-up will effectively reduce hospital admission.
Acute gastroenteritis; ORS observation room; reduce hospital admission