Role of Vitamin D Deficiency in Different Disorders

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Sebha University
Objective: to highlight the importance of vitamin D deficiency in different diseases and the importance of determining it's the prevalence in our community. Methods: we studied the medical records of 53 patients with osteomalacia admitted to the metabolic bone disease division in Jamahiriya hospital from 2004 to 2007. Age, sex, parity, adequacy of sun exposure and nutritional habits, family history of same disease were considered. Diagnosis of osteomalacia was based on on clinical presentation, laboratory data and response to medical therapy. Results: most of patients were female (89%), all were not exposed to sun adequately, half of them were married and about two- thirds were multipara. Bone pain, proximal muscle weakness, abnormal gait and hypocalcemic symptoms were the commonest clinical presentation, with bone tenderness in about one fourth, proximal muscle weakness in (57%), hypocalcaemia in (38%), and high alkaline phosphatase and parathyroid hormones in half of patients. Radiological signs were present in about (15%). All patients showed complete response to parenteral vitamin D supplementation in 8-10 months. Conclusion: vitamin D deficiency is no more cause osteomalacia and ricket only but it has a major roles in many systemic diseases. Its prevalence in our community need to be worked out. National actions are needed to improve community vitamin D supplementation. Abbreviations: VDD= vitamin D deficiency
vitamin D, osteomalacia, diabetes mellitus, auto immune disease.