Exploring the role of visual aids in teaching vocabulary to Libyan primary schoole students

Different researches proved that visuals clarify and enhance students' learning, and that this information is recognized and remembered by them for longer durations than verbal information alone. Using visual aids to teach English vocabulary in primary classroom is considered to be the instruments which increase sensibility, improve concentration, help to develop understanding and memorizing abilities, and give a rise to enjoyment and relaxation in learning. In this study I aim to investigate the importance of visual aids in education, specifically in relation to foreign language vocabulary teaching to sixth grade primary. We spot the light on the role of using visual aids in presenting new vocabulary items to second language primary students. I assume that the sixth grade students who are taught new vocabulary items by the use of visual aids will understand and memorize these items faster than students who are taught without using the visual aids. Thus, I concluded that the greatest benefit from the use of visual aids in language classrooms is that it creates a good atmosphere that helps the student develop a positive attitude toward language learning, and the government should justify the use of these aids in teaching language skills in our primary schools, as well as offer textbooks and materials that focus on teaching English subjects through visual aids facilities.