Analysis of 580 Renal O.P.D Cases in 7th October Hospital Over 9 Months Period

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Sebha University
A retrospective study on 580 patients, was carried out at 7th October renal OPD over a 9 months period from 1.10.97 to 30.6.98 to know the pattern of renal disorders, in order to plan suitable medical preventive measures to decrease the incidence of some of them, with consequent effects on end stage renal disease (ESRD ) problem in the community. Analysis of the patients data showed that 76 patients of the total studied group (13.2%) had chronic renal failure (CRF) on conservative treatment (group 1) patients. The remaining 504 patients who constituted (86.8%) of the total studied group had normal RFT (group 2) patients. Diabetes mellitus and/or hypertension were diagnosed in a total of 49 patients of group I (64%) and a total of 88 patients of group 2 (17.5%). UTIs were diagnosed in a total of 378 patients of group 2 (75%). The overall UTIs uncomplicated and complicated cases were diagnosed in 386 patients of the total studied groups (67%) and female constituted (52%) of the total UTI cases. So the pattern of renal disorders in our patients, is similar to that seen in the other parts of the world with slight increase in prevalence rates of UTI, and chronic renal failure especially secondary to HBP and/or D.M