Prevalence and Treatment of Glaucoma Disease in Tripoli Eye Hospital

Background: Glaucoma is actually a group of eye diseases that damage the optic nerve, which can be lead to vision loss and possibly blindness. Aim of the Study: The retrospective clinical study was undertaken to determine the most common types of glaucoma, age, sex incidence, diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma disease. Subjects and Methods: The information was collected randomly from 150 discharged patients included files (64 females and 86 male), with glaucoma disease admitted to Tripoli Eye Hospital (T.E.H) in Tripoli from 2001- 2003. The details of data present in the files were very carefully collected and were entered in the performa. The study included the most common types, age, sex incidence, methods of diagnosis and drugs used in the treatment of glaucoma disease. Results: The findings indicate high incidence of glaucoma disease especially open angle glaucoma (49%, n=74). The common age incidence (61-80 years) (54%, n=81). The diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma in Tripoli Eye Hospital has been focusing particularly on the drop off intraocular pressure (1.0.P.) follow up of optic disc cupping and find out visual defect. Conclusions: The findings reinforce the need for the clinical pharmacists to help physicians averting development of glaucoma 'disease.