Measure the Ability of Surfactant to Inject With Sea Water and form the Emulsion

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Sebha University
There are many known EOR methods and every method has its criteria to use it. One of those methods is the chemical EOR. Chemical EOR has been widely used to global enhanced oil recovery. Chemical EOR can be classified into many main types such as surfactant, polymer and alkaline etc. In this project Surfactant EOR ( Cetyl Tri Methyl Ammonium Bromide soap) has been mixed with sea water and inject to crude oil that has been taken from Hamada field. Surfactant EOR was examine to test it is ability to form emulsion at different concentration and different temperature start from room temperature until 70 C0. The results showed the ability of Surfactant EOR ( Cetyl Tri Methyl Ammonium Bromide soap) to form emulsion. The screening criteria of surfactant concentration to form the emulsion was between the range 5% to 15 %. The best scenario has gave highest emulsion level was at 70 C0 and the surfactant concentration was at 7%.
EOR, Surfactant, Sea Water and PPT test.