Characterization of activated carbon and its performance to treat produced water for water injection

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جامعة سبها
Water injection (water flooding) method used in oil recovery is where the water is injected out into the reservoir usually to increase the pressure. Before the water is injected into the reservoir there are many processes passes through it, one of the main process is the treatment. Water injection could be treated by many methods and different ways. In this search, activated carbon was used as a treatment substance for injection water. Its source was the date seeds, where this seed was converted to non-activated carbon physically and activated chemically. Three different volumes of activated carbon were used in the water treatment Operation, to obtain treated water samples of different sizes. A spontaneous imbibition test for sandstone core samples after saturated of crude oil. A spontaneous imbibition test consisting of three scenarios of treatment water by Activated Carbon with change temperature and compared with one scenario of Reservoir water (untreated). The spontaneous imbibition test was performed in this study at room temperature to oven temperature (45°C, 55°C, 70°C). The results showed that the best oil recovery was by using water treated with activated carbon volume (0.125mm) is (70.41%) at the maximum temperature used.
Activated Carbon; Reservoir Water; treatment process; Temperature; Spontaneous imbibition test.