Treatment Produced Water Using Microalgae

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جامعة سبها
produced water is consider as one of the main attraction topics in the oil fields, which the formation water comes to the surface with the crude oil and it is separated to avoid many problems that may occur during the transportations. However, the produced water sometimes inject it into artificial lake inside the fields. the water of those lake is caused a pollution for the sands, animals, plants and formation water as well. Therefore, the proper treatment of produced water is very important because it contains minerals and inorganic salts. This study focused on the treatment of produced water using organic materials, which are freshwater algae, and its effects on reducing the salts present in the formation water. In this study, three types of freshwater algae have been used, namely:  Oedogonium alga  Zygnema alga  dead algae The effect of each Ph, Electrical Conductivity (E.C), total dissolved solids TDS, and salinity performed before and after the treating at different times; the first day, the fourth day, and the seventh day. The best result wat at the first day, with regard to oedogonium, where the TDS decreased from 5364 mg / l to 1381 mg / l , pH changed from 7.13 to 8.7, E.c decreased from 10.95 ms/cm to 2.818 ms/cm, and salinity decreased from 6.2 ppt to 1.6 ppt, as well as heavy salts decreased significantly in several elements, and the treated produced water was used for irrigation of plants and animals, and it did not result in any effects.
water treatment, microalgae, Produced water, Salinity