Theoretical study of solar tower

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جامعة سبها
In this project some solar power plants are descried. The project mentioned about the importance of solar applications in the power production. The second chapter describe the concentrating solar power plants started by the parabolic trough CSP technology where its structure was clearified. Linear Fresnel CSP technology is explained by means of its construction and working theory .Also the parabolic dish CSP technology described as one of the solar power plant application .in Chapter Three the solar tower power plant is deepley explained that includes the solar field which consists of the heliostats and the tower body and the receiver at the top of the tower also the working fluid (heat transfer fluid) is discussed the important component of solar power plant is the energy storage medium is described. The hall tower solar power plant schem is shown to give an idea about how the complete tower solar plant seems to be. In chapter four the analysis of solar tower system analysied where first step is to determine the solar radiation in region of sebha at 17 Jan, 15April ,17 July, and 15 October. where this region is selected to be a location of the plant sample. the control equation of solar radiation is listed. the equations control of the solar tower field is listed including the design characteristics. In chapter five the control equations are used in MAT LAB program to calculate the design parameters for the plant. The program is limited in a three heliostat for a three contour as an example for the complete plant. The result of the analysis are presented in a figures to show the factor that effect on the solar tower performance.