Preparation of activated carbon from phragmites australis for water purification

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جامعة سبها
Activated carbon is not a product of the times, but it's great importance to humans and the environment, it has been known for thousands of years, and due to its great ability to capture toxins and harmful gases, because its phenomenon adsorption ability, the uses of activated carbon are very wide and it's included in many industries such as water purification, minerals extraction, and in medicines industries and many more. Our research includes the preparing of activated carbon by using Phragmites Australia which was calcinated under a specific temperature for 2hr, and it was activated successfully by hydroxide sodium and it was used to remove the Methylene blue dye from water successfully, the results showed that, the absorption bands at 3317 and 3439 cm-1 cans be related to the O-H group which is assigned for stretching vibration mode of hydroxyl functional groups. The band at 1601.56 cm-1 shows the formation of carbonyl-containing groups. The weak bands at 1466.99 cm to 1000 cm-1 are related to the C-H group present in alkali groups. The bands from 700 to 400 cm-1 are corresponded to the out-of-plane bending vibrations of C-H group in the aromatic rings. However, weak peak appeared slightly above 3000 cm-1 in activated carbon demonstrates unsaturation indicating alkenyl C= C stretch.