Video Streaming Analysis on Worldwide By Using wireless network( WIMAX 802.16d )

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Sebha University
In the recent years, more and moreinformation services require high-speed data access. Videostreaming is a real-time service with high-speed dataaccess which conveys information such as audio and videonetworks using Internet Protocol (IP). Using the streamingtechnology clients can play the video in real timecondition. However, it’s strongly influenced by thebandwidth. Insufficient bandwidth for the streamingprocess will cause losses and greater delay[1]. Therefore,in order the video streaming service to approach its idealconditions it is necessary to be applied on a network whichhas a high speed data access and large bandwidth. Suchconditions can be fulfilled by the WiMAX network802.16d, because it is the network technology based oninternational standard IEEE 802.16 which enable totransfer data to wireless broadband access as analternative to cable or DSL. WiMAX can provide thefollowing types of access : fixed, portable andmobile wireless broadband on the line of sight (LOS) andnon-line of sight (NLOS) conditions[2]. Based oncalculations, by varying the distance 1 km - 15 km betweentransmitter and receiver for LOS and 1 km - 5 km forNLOS, the value of the propagation losses on NLOS isfound to be much larger than on LOS. In LOS conditions,the value of bit error probability is smaller than the NLOSconditions for all types of modulation. The best conditionsoccur in LOS using QPSK modulation with 2.6 Mbps datarate with bit error probability 2.6184x10-45 and packetloss probability of video streaming is 9.12x10-4.