Maintain Well Bore Stability By Using Alternative Material (Coal Fly Ash + Permaloss)

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جامعة سبها
Usually, the drilling engineer faces many problems during drilling operations and these problems are usually due to design errors in the drilling column in terms of weights and equipment or deficiencies in drilling fluid functions in terms of design and alignment with earth layers. Thus, the quality of the performance of the drilling fluid directly depends on its physical properties, and usually there are natural problems occur during the drilling process and the main cause for this is the interaction of drilling fluid with the components of these formations. Therefore, this reaction may be positive in terms of the formation of a good mud cake to prevent fluid loss and preservation on well walls, or a negative reaction in terms of loss of drilling fluid inside the stratum and thus cause the collapse of the formation . Carboxylmethyle cellulose CMC plays an important part in terms of forming a mud cake with good specifications and minimizing the loss of drilling fluid, thus harming the well walls from collapse and helping to stabilize it. In this research many experiments were conducted inside to find alternative natural materials for CMC with the same quality specifications and lowest costs. Different samples were used of nano-aluminum as well as coal ash were used with primalose (mixture) and the results were positive and useful.
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