Evaluation Filtration Properties of Water Based Drilling Fluid By using Nanoparticles "Magnesium aluminates Spinel" and "Barley Husk Ash"

In this project , the problem of loss of drilling fluid was studied , and the waterbased drilling fluid test was also conducted to improve in filtration properties by using nanoparticles " magnesium aluminates spinel " and " barley husk ash" and evaluate the results obtained and compare them with previous study that has improved in filtration properties of water based drilling fluid by using nanocarboxymethyl cellulose , it is among recent studies that have been successful and have been applied. In addition, barley husk ash and magnesium aluminates spinel was chemically prepared by Sol-Gel , and conducting analysis ( FT-IR , XRD ) for magnesium aluminates spinel of reactants (Aluminum hydroxide , Magnesium Chloride hexa hydrate ) , and to compare them with the standard analysis of these materials to be sure of purity and storage method , and has also been conducting these analysis of the production materials to ensure the composition of the material and function groups by analysis ( FT-IR ) and crystalline structure by analysis ( XRD ) , and engineering calculations (Crystalline size , length of the cube side , density of through XRD , surface area of through XRD) , the filtration properties of the drilling fluid were then tested by filter press equipment , additional tests were conduced for other properties of the drilling fluid , including ( density , viscosity , gel strength , pH , yield point ) , the results obtained were evaluated and compared with result when using nanocarboxymethyl cellulose .
Drilling fluid loss , Magnesium aluminate spinel , barley husk ash.