Photovoltaic System Monitoring

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جامعة سبها
Photovoltaic energy is one of the forms of renewable energy available, there are many technologies it has, but there are many problems facing the designers of a photovoltaic system, including monitoring the system. Monitoring systems are used in photovoltaic applications to collect data for the purpose of evaluation. in this project a system is designed Completely based on an Arduino Mega 2560 microcontroller, the system consists of a main controller and a set of electrical sensors (voltage, current) and an external sensor unit to measure (radiation, temperature and humidity, panel temperature), data is stored, recorded and transferred to the computer for analysis. A system independent of the network was installed to monitor the 1 kW system. The results obtained have been showed on the computer in tables and can be plotted in graphs.
Sun, Solar radiation, Photovoltaic, Monitoring, Arduino, Sensor.