Classification of html files by using Bees Colony algorithm

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Sebha University
From long time a lot of associates try to build database systems which could prove and performs many services. One of the project associated the information system is the classification of a data or the information. This data or information is presented in files that have different type like html. Our purpose when we chose one of these types to present a technique which may can classify these files dependent on their similarity and in a short time. The technique we going to use is a Bees Colony. The files going to use may contains texts, images, photos. So the experts always were looking for the best way to arrive or to find the exact information and to retrieve it’s quickly as possible. This information is distributed between different servers and with different languages, which give some difficulty to collect the similar pages together. So the only and easy way to arrive to this purpose is to do this work automatically. From this automatic way we got many systems of knowledge which called hypertext, hypermedia and so on, which are used in different domains like the education. Many techniques to groups the pages web are used like statistics, mathematics models. The files classified are represented by one binary matrix. After the application of this algorithm we couldn’t arrived to our purpose.
Bees Colony algorithm, Classification, similarity.