S-Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wearable Applications

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Sebha University
It is great effort to be in touch wherever we are .This concept of being connected anywhere and everywhere is the main driving force for developing and researching the potential Wireless Body Area Networks operated in WLAN and HiperLAN bands. This paper gives a compact analysis and design of S-shaped microstrip patch antenna by means of inserting two slots into a rectangular patch which is best suited for wearable applications in WLAN band. The analysis and design is simulated over EMCoS Antenna Virtual Lab version 5.0.11. A finite ground plane of 65x70 mm and patch size of 48x57 mm were considered. The substrate height is taken as 2.85mm , dielectric constant of 1.44 and loss tangent of 0.01. The proposed antenna is operating at centre frequency of 2.4GHz. The simulated result shows that the obtained bandwidth is 3.2% for │S11│ ≤10 dB ranging from 2.358 to 2.435 GHz. The obtained gain is 7.11 dB , return loss -30.156 dB and the VSWR of this antenna is 1.064 which is within the range of 1-2 at resonant frequency 2.4GHz.