(Study of the effects of garlic flesh on blood lipids profile of rats feeding diet containing high fat (sheep fat

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Sebha University
Background: Garlic is commonly known as Allium sativum belongs to the plant family Liliaceae, which is a genus of 500 species. It has been recognized for its therapeutic and medicinal value. Nowadays, garlic powder and pills are widely used for certain therapeutic purposes which include lowering blood pressure and improving lipid profile. Objective: Thus this study was conducted to evaluate the blood lipid profile and abdominal fat in rats that were given local flesh crude garlic and feed with high fat diet for three weeks. Methods: In this research eighteen (18), albino female rats were used. Their weights were ranged from 180-205 grams (g); they were randomly divided into three groups in which each containing six (6) rats. Group (A) control was given only normal food which consists of hundred (100) g mixed bread and biscuits in addition to milk and tap water ad libitum. Group (B) was given food consisting of eighty one (81) g of mixed bread, biscuits and fifteen (15)g sheep fat plus four (4) g garlic , in addition to milk and tap water was added ad libitum. Group (C) was given food which consists of eighty five (85) g mixed bread, biscuits and fifteen (15) g sheep fat, some milk and tap water ad libitum. All of the groups were given the corresponding food for twenty one (21) days. Heart puncture was carried out and the blood was collected into tubes without anticoagulant. Serum levels for cholesterol; triglyceride, high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) were determined using readymade kits. Results: In this study there were decrease in blood cholesterol, triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) in rats feed with crude garlic, high diet fat and besides nearly complete absence of fat inside the abdomen of those rats. Conclusion: In conclusion, the feeding of crude garlic to rats for three weeks lowered blood cholesterol, LDL and significantly increased the level of HDL, in addition to reduction of abdominal fats, which might be good indication for its medicinal and therapeutic use.
garlic flesh, lipid profile, abdominal fats, Allium sativum, rats