Hybrid Artificial lift System by the PIPESIM Software

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The production system considers from the basic systems in the oil and gas industry and this stage comes after well completion, the production operations divided into natural and artificial flow, when natural production depleted artificial lift takes place. The hybrid artificial lift system in this research consisting of two systems: the gas injection system and the electric submersible pump system in the same well, every way has its limitation and disadvantage. when using only one method of artificial lift the time period for stopping production in wells is approximately months, The life span of these pumps is short, ranging from one and a half to two years, after these pumps fail and must be replaced by the workover rigs, or a problem can cause a frailer in injecting gas to gas lift system means losing a lot of time and a lot of oil that can be produced in the lost time, therefore losing money. This research focused on hybrid artificial lift to protect the reservoir mechanism, get the maximum benefits of the well, increase the production and saving time by reducing stops production periods and as a result more time means more money, this aim was reached by using PIESIM software which has the ability to design suitable conditions for the well, Currently, the effort spent in production systems design is increasing significantly. We obtained satisfactory results to increase production and saving time, and the result was proven by numbers, curves and tables, and we really hope that our research is a reference to many students or those interested in the field.
Artificial lift system, Gas lift, Electrical submergible pump, Hybrid artificial lift system, PIPESIM software, Improve production, Software model.