Liver Function Tests Disorder Among Pregnant Women in Murzok General Hospital

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Sebha University
The objective of this study was to determine the results of the liver function test ( LFT) conducted among women from Murzok General Hospital- Libya. Blood sample were randomly collected from 288 respondents between the age range of 24-46years old . The Screen Master was used to analyze the levels of AST,ALT,ALP and Albumin. The results of the study revealed deffering levels during the three trimesters of pregnancy. Pregnant women who are their second trimester are found to have higher levels of AST compared to those who are on their first trimester and those on their third (12.12±4.0, 18.22±6.4, 10.10±3.2 IU/L), and slight change for ALT(10.68±4.0, 4.52±1.1, 7.07±3.2 IU/L). The study also shows abnormally high ALP levels for women who are on their second trimester of pregnancy and two times higher for those on the third trimester than in the first (113.27±42.5, 158.11±54.3, 229.33±56.0 IU/L). The study further reveals a mean of 41.29 g/l serum albumin concentration for women who are on their first trimester and a lower mean of 36.6 g/l from those on their third trimester.