Performance study of a Multi-Effect Desalination plant combined with a Parabolic Trough Collector, operating under the climatic conditions of the Sebha region

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جامعة سبها
Water scarcity is a problem in a number of countries, especially in semiarid regions. One of the most promising applications of solar energy is water desalination, especially in regions where fresh water is scarce and solar radiation is abundant. Desalination is an increasing and necessary source of fresh water, but it is energy intensive. Conventional water desalination is currently supported by fossil fuels, and it is critical to explore renewable options to reduce pollution. The most important of these options is solar energy. In the Middle East and North Africa ,seawater desalination has been among the main sources of drinking water. The study was applied to MATLAB program, in the city of Sebha to simulate the coupling of thermal water desalination plants and concentrating solar collectors to produce drinking water and be economically feasible as well, the study begins by using the analytical hierarchy process to select adequate desalination technologies for the city of Sabha and by considering the results obtained through our research and study in this field .