Energy storage of lead acid battery

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Sebha University
Batteries are storage energy everywhere, and they play a large role in making our modern life possible. Every day, new battery chemistries and designs are announced that offer very high energy densities, deliver high charge/discharge cycles. The lifespan of the battery depends on the quality of the battery manufacturer, and the materials first. But no matter how good the battery, the lifespan is ultimately up to the user, and how you use it. The Battery Energy Storage System is a key building block in the development of any smart grid system that incorporates photovoltaic power and/or wind power. In keeping with this battery proven track record of innovative technology, superior quality, and unmatched reliability. In this research we will study the benefit of the batteries and battery storage system in our life. This work will include types of batteries, construction and the design. After the design we will study the characteristics of the battery (charge/discharge, life).The lead acid battery is the one we chose in our research. These batteries are widely used in many applications.