Modifying the filtration properties of water-based Drilling fluids using extracted virgin olive cellule

This study explores the potential of cellulose extracted from olive kernels (OKC) and olive pomace (OPC) as a modifier for drilling fluid properties. The cellulose, when integrated into real drilling fluid, exhibited minimal impact on pH levels and density across various concentrations. Plastic viscosity peaked at 0.1% and 0.25%, indicating potential overload points. Yield strength fluctuations correlated with changes in viscosity, impacting system performance. Increasing cellulose concentration in bentonite resulted in elevated salinity level , thus the optimal filtration efficiency was achieved at 0.025% cellulose concentration from Olive kernels Overall, cellulose from olive in both samples ( kernels & pomace ) showcased promising potential in enhancing drilling fluid performance, controlling circulation loss, and modifying the mud filtration cake, thus serving as a viable alternative to CMC.